Fat Pat – Reality lyrics

Yeah, It’s going down
Feel me, Southside representing
Reality, Show Love

[Hook: Fat Pat x2]
Things are crazy in this life
Gotta get my smoke on
It’s getting hard to hold on

[Verse 1: Fat Pat]
One thing for sure: Gotta get my smoke on
Pop trunk, dome light
Crawling down on chrome
Been in tragic society for twenty-six year
See my ghetto peers locked
Mama shed so many tears
Highway to hell, will it ever end for a brother
System got us k**ing each other
We supposed to love one another
The game got our minds in a headlock
But in reality we working for a jail block
Will it ever stop?
I mean the game
Revolving doors, Escalade with a ???
And there’s no limit to life
So you gotta keep teaching
Practice what you preaching
Young minds that you reaching
To be above the rest is quest that you strive for
What you gotta realize
Material sh** ain’t nothing to die for
But I lie for my n***as that’s gonna lie for me
And ride down on our so-called enemy
Ain’t no kin to me
But I intend to see
Brighter days where I’m headed
Everything over ???
Big Benz super-???
As I smash ???
Fat Pat on the place
That’s the way it gotta be
Tryna see a different level of the game fo sho
Ain’t to old to learn
So I gotta listen, you know

What I’m saying, try to fear me
Cause I’m singing the blues
Every morning waking up
See myself on the news

[Hook: Fat Pat x2]

[Verse 2: Fat Pat]
Hot mind blown
Drifting off into space
Wondering will be a day when there is no hate
But it’s too late because the system is corrupt
Young kids growing up with their minds f**ed up
Stuck up in the ghetto with no place to go
Tryna provide for the family but it’s slow
And sh** be a trip
Will we ever prevail?
Tryna keep the family fit
Ain’t taking us to jail
Living hell on Earth, that’s what it is
But it goes back to when our parents were kids
We’re just a new seed or a different breed
Born into the future at a high rate of speed
Shall I proceed?
Jealousy and envy and greed
All them haters need is a push
And they’ll be hiding in a bush
Tryna take what you got
That mean another brother shot
Devastating schemes and plots
My people mean a lot
No doubt we got cars but we gotta bombard
Pray to the Lord
Keep our head straight above the sword
Time repeats itself so you gotta put it down
Roll over, roll ??? and put the past behind
And try to maintain and capitalize on the game
And get your paper for your name and represent this thang
You knowm sayin’

[Hook: Fat Pat x2]

We gotta hold on
We gotta hold on
We gotta hold on

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