Lil Dicky – Exclusive Sway In The Morning Freestyle lyrics

I like to play it cool like I’m not that
On the low who’d a**ume that I got that?
I don’t know but the dude with the tall frappe
Looking aloof, being all that
Even Babe Ruth wouldn’t call that
I don’t even sweat it tho
They be hesitant as if my credit low
But the sh** will hit em quicker then an edible
I’m bout to run for Senate ho
You won’t even centerfold
Been on top of cheese I ain’t talkin’ ‘bout oregano
I’m talkin’ about yo cheddar homie
I hit a college and I’m f**ed like I’m pledging a frat
They bout to silhouette up my nuts on american flags
Estoy contento, I’m muy estupendo
Everybody know the cat like a dope meme
I got em buzzin’ on the crack like a dope fiend
They saw em’ come up with a Mac ya I’m so Steve
Now a days b**hes tryin’ crack got em od-ing
How them hoes wanna get it with L
They know its cold enough to charge like a letterman sale
If they gonna stand behind the bars I’m in federal jail
I’m goin’ far like a general mail
Sway I got the fellas sayin what up
The tape what up
Same muhf**a playing with the steak cut up
I’m great shut up
The flow ain’t no debate, just us
I’m out of shape, but I’m straight to f**
You know I got a chicken in the condo
I’m was sick of getting off beat she a bongo
She playing with the hard D, Rondo
Go inside her all sweet like a Strongbow
How imma do?
I got your X comin’ next like a W do
I gotta flex I’m the best now I’m being direct
I’m unimpressed by these b**hes that I see in the press
I kinda of vexxed by the trash like I’m cleanin’ the mess

Cuz they as real when they rap as a chias a pet
Old news stocks plummet, mens leg hair, they dont cut it
Forget about your era, Pat Summit
Best writtens, I’m trying to get a hundred b**hes to f** with the spittin religious like a couple of us marital Christians
Been official Dick Bevetta A livin
Betta’ dig it like you b**hes got a mill and a ditch
And I’m k**in’ this sh** i can kick it like a villainous ninja
Gripping when I run it how the f** I be slippin’
I be intimate with them hoes she never flummoxed
Take chick’s P, and smash, I call her hummus
And I be funny with this sh** I’m just playing
Still nobody f**in’ with the kid I’m just sayin’
Got a chicken parm on a date, ya see
But I don’t even know the broad she just gratin the cheese
I don’t even got a job I just blaze and free
They still give the boy bands 98 degrees
So come f** with me
I got a couple hun’ed b**hes doin’ d** with me
I got a couple dozen b**hes tryin’ to hug Dicky
And I got a couple b**hes who be steady f**ing me
Aye that’s a good a** life
Only thing I got left, find a good as wife
But yo I gotta hit these hoes first, don’t tell mom
In a year I’mma bend over Michelle Obama
I gotta do it while I’m hot
Tryna get blue in most states like Barrack
I’m tryna show a boo the last name of the Rock
And put up on d til we owe J watt
I never hit the scene
When I’m do I’m high n wasted
I’m f**in’ with them jeans
Love them b**hes high-waisted
I run around your team
You a player but I’m Naismith
I command v, why you copy, i just paste it
Face it
Hotel got em puffin on da L
Going harder than some hail, y’ain’t knew it
If everybody had to tell the truth, and you had to pick a dude spittin better than ya dude, can’t do it, Sway talk to em

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