Lil Durk – Introduce Me lyrics


[Hook: Lil Durk]
Drugs got parts, my n***as got parts, life behind bars
Introduce me to the streets
Money got parts, in the kitchen cook it hot, and I’m riding in foreign cars
Introduce me to the streets
Introduce me to the streets (to the streets, to the streets) [x4]

Let’s get it!

[Verse 1: Lil Durk]
I first caught my case when I was 17
Free Rio, they trying to give him 17
Money, d** got me introduced to everything
Got me signed to the streets with no wedding ring
Just c**aina, get wet up, Aquafina
Auto-tune, I’m a singer, I’m in that [?]
They see we got a leader
These n***as trying to linger
I caught a case and beat it, Ike and Tina
Never thought I’d make it out the ‘hood

.40 .40 on my waist deep, no Meagan Good
What I explain ain’t got to be understood
Money and my squad got me out the ‘hood


[Verse 2: Lil Durk]
Grew up off Link and low-income
Savage in the streets, ain’t no ‘ho in them
I be sipping lean until my face is numb
I’m thumbing through a check until my fingers numb
Streets a motherf**er, can’t trust a motherf**er
n***as be super-b**hes, can’t spare a crumb for you
Why keep that drug money?
Why keep that plug, homie?
I’m going broke, just pull that plug on me
Life behind bars ain’t the same no more
n***as ain’t your n***as, ain’t the same no more
Change for $100 ain’t no money no more
n***as ain’t starving, they ain’t hungry no more


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