Lil Peep – Toxic city lyrics

Life in the background, up and down the mountain
Then it’s back to the flat-ground hold me while i’m drowning
If tonight was my last night i would keep on counting
Till the reaper got ahold of me then I would take my last flight
Where ever did you go? I’ve been waiting for weeks..
I don’t think I’m gonna make it but don’t take it from me
So it seems every time that I die I wake up
When it’s time to meet my maker I’ll be ready for him

Got your gla** slippers on
Looking like you’re Cinderella
Gurl what you sippin on?
Room spinning like propellers
Boi what you trippin on?
I will make these p**y’s jealous
Watch your girl sing along
Say she want an acappella
I could give you want you want
Till my body in the mud
King of the f**ing swamp
Name a drug I got the plug
Shorty say my house is haunted
I say I don’t give a f**
Somethings watching over me
See me smoke a million blunts
Drunk kickin dutch lickin he said he can’t f** with me
f** this and f** wit me, I’mma take your luck wid me
b**h what the f** it do? Teamsesh drippin’ on the 1s and the 2s
f** your crew and and f** you too edge of the swamp know the truck go thru

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