Rich Homie Quan – Memories lyrics

Rich Homie baby
I remember shawty

At 14 I jumped off that porch and I went street
Bout 15 I met Jerry and I started smoking that weed
At 16 I was in the streets and I quit the baseball team
By 17 got my mind right, by 18 was on me
At 19 I was reminiscing on all the sh** that I did
By 20, boy, I was kicking doors had and that’s why I did that bid
At 21 I found out I had a five year old lil kid
And that’s a memories, one thing for show I’m gonna make yall remember me
Remember me
Im gone make yall, folks, remember me
Remember me
Can’t forget about them memories
Them memories, that’s why I’m standing here thanking saying
Thank you God for everything He’s giving me

[Verse 1]
Late nights in them cells writing letters
Momma there, visitations, I remember
We used my foot, to kick that door back in September
Left up out them exits and came thru them do not enter
…I remember our phone call
I remember all the long talks I had with myself staring at them jail walls
I remember all them long walks, I had that red car
Telling myself I ain’t coming back
Forget about them b**hes, forget about them n***as
Cuase when the judge gave you that time ain’t nobody do it with you
But yo n***a ion bang but I think I got the flu, n***a
My flow sick, and i got the cure for you n***a


[Verse 2]
Back then I remembered all my memories
Like some of my friends done turned enemies
Despite how much success I see that money bring
Fight between the people you love the most, sh** ain’t right
I remember going days without eating at night
I remember momma begging them folks to keep on the lights
Can’t forget about the first time I got high as a kite
I remember Teezy taught me how to pull up my first heist
I remember me and Teezy did like 5 songs on the first night
If you heard I sound familiar, n***a, best believe you heard right
Find out what your girl like so keep me out of her sight
‘Fore she fall for Rich Homie, baby


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