Various Artists – Right Hand Man lyrics

[Verse 1: BEA]
If you ever got in trouble
I would be there on the double
Just to bail you out
If there’s anything you lack
You know I’ve always got your back
That’s what it’s all about

[Chorus 1: BEA]
Think of me as your sidekick
Helping you whenever I can
I’m more than just a woman, baby
When the pressure’s coming, baby
Let me be your right-hand man

[Spoken: NICK (BEA)]
But you’re not a man, I’m the man
(Ugh! You’re not hearing me)

[Verse 2: BEA (Spoken: NICK)]
If you’re ever in a pickle
You can call for me and quick’ll
Be how fast I run (But I’m not in a pickle!)
You and me should be a team
For any dream or any scheme
That’s how it should be done

[Chorus 2: BEA]
Sure, I could stay in the background
Just smiling every now and again
But just to be a pretty lady
That would be a pity, baby
Let me be your right-hand man

[Spoken: NIGEL (NICK)]
You should listen to her, she’s usually right
(Eat your cabbage) Ok

[Bridge: BEA]
I am stronger than you think
Don’t be thinking I ain’t tough
I am where you oughta go
When the going’s getting rough
So when things are going badly

[Spoken: NICK (BEA) (NIGEL)]
But they’re not (They kinda are)
(No, things are fine) But if they weren’t
(But it’s ok) Love? (What?)
Oh! (What?)
Quit trying to protect me
(Can we change the subject, please?)
Not until I know that

[Verse 3: BEA (Spoken: NICK)]
If you’re ever in a fix
And it’s a fix you need to nix
Then I’m your go-to guy
(You’re not a guy) Don’t be so literal!
And don’t forget
I’m not a shrinking violet
A solid rock am I

[Chorus 3: BEA]
So don’t be thinking I’ll crumble
When the you-know-what hits the fan
There’s no problem that’s too big
When you’re married, that’s the gig
So don’t be a s**ist pig

[Outro: BEA]
Is it asking too much of you
It’s only cause I love you
Let me be your right
In fact, I’ll show you that I’m right

[Spoken: NICK (BEA)]
What are you doing now?
(I’m gonna get you boys some meat!)

[Outro (Cont.): BEA]
Baby, I’m your right
Don’t put up a fight
I can be your right
Starting here tonight
Let me be your right-hand man
Let me be your right-hand man

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